2 swimming instructors under probe for death of PMA cadet

BAGUIO CITY — Police investigators are deep into the probe of two civilian swimming instructors of the Philippine Military Academy to determine any culpability in the fatal drowning of fourth-class cadet Mario Telan Jr. at the Academy’s swimming pool.

Baguio police director Col. Allen Rae Co said they asked for the security and safety protocol for the use of the pool and in the conduct of swimming class including the Program of Instruction (POI) for swimming lessons to see whether the rules were followed and to ascertain the chain of events that led to the drowning.

According to reports, Telan Jr., dove into the deep end of the pool and failed to resurface without anybody noticing.

Investigators have asked the PMA for the records of previous classes to investigate the performance of Telan Jr. on earlier swimming classes. According to reports, Telan did not pass his initial swimming lessons and should not have been allowed to join the final swimming class.

Upon finishing the investigation, Co added, “we will be submitting recommendations to the family as well as the PMA.” This could possibly be in the form of criminal charges to be filed against the instructors for negligence, Co said.

PMA spokesperson Captain Cheryl Tindog said they are still wrapping up their separate administrative investigations on the swimming instructors. PMA has requested not to name the two swimming instructors pending the result of the investigation. ●