2019 Kannawidan Festival – SJNHS teachers bag folkdance crown

2019 Kannawidan Festival - SJNHS teachers bag folkdance crown (photo by Edward B. Antonio)

VIGAN CITY – The San Juan National High School (SJNHS) teachers dethroned defending champion Cabugao to crown themselves Kannawidan Folkdance Champs and the P25,000 that went with it in the folk dance competitions (Teachers’ Category) during the opening of the 2019 Kannawidan Festival here, January 29.

San Juan placed second last year behind Cabugao.

Cabugao and Candon City placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.
It was an unprecedented victory for SJNHS who were visibly rattled due to the change of schedule.

“The teachers’ category was supposed to be the last to be contested but when it was announced that it would be the first event for the day, we were rattled, and to think that we were the first performers, too,” said Christopher Ramos, one of the dancers.

MAPEH coordinator Annette Molina attributed their victory to following the folkdance literature to the letter which porobably impressed the judges.

“The judges already have a background of the piece’s literature, but we went further by executing steps to be different from the others. We also attribute this triumph to the way we interpreted the dance, our hand movements and the teamwork which we showed,” added Raffy Alveza, one of the trainer-dancers.

Molina acknowledged the talents shown by the other contestants.

“Every contingent was very good but we always insert something different everytime we compete and that difference was probably the ‘thing’ that made the difference in the eyes of the judges,” she said. ●