6,529 cops undergo inspection by NAPOLCOM RO1

SAN FERNANDO CITY – Six thousand five hundred twenty nine policemen from the different police units of Police Regional Office 1 were inspected by the National Police Commission-Regional Office 1 (NAPOLCOM-RO1) starting April 27.

Police Senior Superintendent Benjamin T. Hulipas, PRO1’s Deputy Director for Administration (DRDA), said those inspected included police personnel assigned with the four police provincial offices, 9 city police stations and 125 municipal police stations.

Hulipas said that the policemen, together with their documents, uniforms, firearms and equipment were inspected to determine the degree of their compliance with the directives from both the NAPOLCOM and the PNP.

“This annual event is in compliance with the mandate of NAPOLCOM to exercise administrative control and operational supervision over the PNP, to include the commission’s continuing commitment and unrelenting effort to further professionalize the PNP,” Hulipas said.

In her message, NAPOLCOM-RO1 Director Evangeline Almirante expressed the importance of area of convergence and cooperation between the NAPOLCOM and PNP to attain a balance perspective for the betterment of public and police service.

“This annual activity is very important as an evaluation device and control mechanism that ensures a higher level of effectiveness in the operation of the PNP. The emphasis of this endeavor is improvement rather than criticism,” Almirante added.

She said that the NAPOLCOM and the PNP is not only building a good image, but more on the satisfaction of the clients and the community they serve.

“Your support and cooperation with this endeavor will bring forth success in our entire endeavor. We shall continue to be the best police and work hand-in-hand together,” she said.

The NAPOLCOM RO1 is also evaluating the accomplishments of PRO1 with Chief Superintendent Roman A. Felix at the helm. During the entrance briefing, the operational and administrative accomplishments of PRO1 and the findings of NAPOLCOM RO1 in their previous inspection were presented.

The result of the inspection will also be considered as basis in crafting new policies and standards for the PNP to better serve and protect the community. #