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A score and a day

in a hamlet of long ago bitterness

there knocked a sought-after bliss

he who shyly opened the door

smiled in awe, instantly adored

a promising,  young Eve.

a man in his authoritative prime

willingly let the young woman in

they shared a giggle and together dined;

moonstruck, they enjoyed the enchantment

and savored the magical entrapment

each passing day was paradise

no room for a single disguise

though each happened in surprise

no one wouldn’t have surmised

an ending so sudden and amiss.

“what went wrong?” one would ask

love, devotion and so with trust

engulfed the house of dusk

no questions, without a doubt

a couple they were in love.

could be the many springs

where budding tulips and roses

of each life time he sees?

did she count the days or years,

or autumn’s surrendering leaves?

ah, a score and a day has it been

the seasons of life they have seen

reckoned the years and let them in

life is doomed, love forever wasted

now, they are nothing but ruined.


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