A tribute to Sarah (Part 1)

SHE was a beautiful girl. Her sweet full lips were never without a smile. She delighted in everything. And although she tried so hard not to reveal her excitement, her laughing eyes would always betray her. Her frizzled hair constantly reminded me of the seawaves softly gliding with the wind. The seawaves glint against the bright sunshine as they are gently blown by the wind – the wind gives the same effect to her hair. The laughter in her voice always held me spellbound. Her body movements, her gestures, her mannerisms, her smiles were ever so entrancing that time and again I had to constantly remind myself to snap out of a trance. Whenever I looked at her, I always thought she was a dream. No, but she was real. I just know she was real.

It was one sunny afternoon. I was having my lunch when she stepped into my life without warning. I have fallen in love with her at first glance.

“May I sit with you?” her questioning eyes looked at me from across my table. “You see the place is so crowded. I thought I’d find no vacant seat at all. I’m glad I caught sight of your table. I wager you’ll let me sit… unless of course, you’re expecting someone,” her fast and rhythmic words died away in my ears. I just looked at her, entranced.

“May I?” she repeated her query. I rose with a start. “Of course. Do sit with me.” I indicated the empty chair in front of me.

“Thank you.”

Her name was Sarah, I found out. After our meeting at that restaurant, I started calling her up every night, visiting her every weekend and everything that happened after are too beautiful to put to words. Until one day…

“Jeremy?” she began.

“Yes?” I tightened my grip of her hand. To my amazement and dismay, she freed herself away.

“Don’t hold me like that and make me forget about the things I want to say!” she retorted.

“What’s wrong?” I asked with utter astonishment.

“Don’t let your eyes look into mine!”

“Why? What’s the matter with you?” my astonishment was further heightened.

“They hypnotize me, that’s all,” she paused then went on. “Why do you make me love you so?”

I smiled, “I’m good at it, am I not?”

“No, Jem, don’t laugh at me. I’m serious.” She looked gloomy for the first time. There was no shine in her eyes. I thought it was one of the days when she’s in a foreboding mood. But I was wrong.

“Jem, perhaps we should stop seeing each other.” She raised her hand to my lips before I could murmur a protest. “Now, please understand. I’m afraid I’m falling in love with you too fast and I’ve –  I’ve used up all my … ah… energy loving you. I… Well… I just need sometime alone, that’s all. I, er, I want to get my fill of energy first before we start going out again. Would that be fine, Jem?” the smile was back in her lips but there still was no shine in her eyes. She was too sweet. Her constant groping of words puzzled me. My eyes narrowed with suspicion.

“I’ll call you then,” I managed to say, although I know I won’t make it another day without seeing her.

“No!” she almost shouted. “Oh, well… I guess… okay, you may call me then.”

BUT nobody answered the phone whenever I called.

(To be concluded)