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In My Eyes

By Edward B. Antonio

This one’s a true story, fellas.

A man woke up one midnight to discover that his wife was not at his side. He waited for a while, thinking that his wife just went to the toilet to pee. But after 10 minutes of waiting, he started to get uneasy. Could she have transferred from their bed to their sala? Or was she doing something important there? Or she could not sleep?

He got up slowly to look for his wife, but she was nowhere to be found. She noticed the main door ajar. He thought of something else. Did she sneak out to see someone? He had been hearing rumors that his wife had a paramour, and that paramour was their neighbor and kumpare!

He went to the kitchen to get a knife. He also brought with him his flashlight but he did not switch it on.

Then, he got out of the house and walked like a cat looking for a prey around the house. His wife was nowhere. He walked towards the narrow trail leading to the house of his neighbor suspect. While passing by the bamboo trees serving as carabao shade nearby, his ears heard the soft moans of a man and a woman as if they had been seriously wounded or injured. He recognized the woman’s voice as that of her wife!

He approached the pair, his knife poised to strike.

When he lighted his flashlight, he saw his wife having sex with his kumpare. He stabbed the man several times then proceeded to kill also his wife. But she ran away in fear, naked, to his parents’ house which was some 100 meters away. She sought refuge there.

The scandal was talk of the town for several days.

The istambays in the area had a heyday talking it over in their evening drinking sprees.

They call it “torotot.”

Or “may tae sa ulo.”

Terms like these refer to a man when his wife is cheating on him.

Freddie’s fate is no different although no murder took place. Freddie graduated as a teacher but he failed the board exams and so, when his first child came out, he decided to go to Taiwan. In his first year, his parents called him to report that his wife had been going out with a certain man whom his wife said was his boss in a buy and sell business.

Please don’t think something else on my wife. I know she is faithful,” Freddie replied.

When he came home for a vacation after two years, it seemed Freddie was correct. Confident that everything was alright, he went back to Taiwan. This time, his friends in the neighborhood were the ones who called him.

Bernard called on him one day of the presence of a man sneaking into their house in the wee hours of the night. The man would pass by through the fields at their backyard and would climb the fence leading to Freddie’s house. The man would leave by around 3:00 in the morning.

Freddie still did not believe the rumors. But when he came home after another 2 years in Taiwan, he found out that his wife and their child had already moved to her lover’s house.

Freddie nearly went berserk, but his parents and friends constrained him.

He went back to Taiwan and found another girl.

How can a man determine if his wife starts cheating or is already cheating on him, fellas?

Mang Maing, ever a good researcher, shares the following ways of figuring it out.

1. Her daily routine suddenly changes. She is going on more trips or working later hours than usual.

2. When she is asked on her whereabouts, she cannot look straight into the eyes of her husband. She focuses on an object that is around her rather than looking straight into the eyes of her husband as if she is hiding something.

3. She displays unusual behavior. When she answers her cellphone, she would flee somewhere else so as not to be audibly heard. Or she would instruct her husband to stay behind for a while so she can answer a call. She also gets more calls than usual.

4. There’s an unusual spring in her step, a lightness of spirit, but there’s no increased heat in their sex life.

5. She seems different or happier for no apparent reason.

6. She has started to let her husband win some arguments.

7. She starts lavishing gifts on a “friend” and his or her family.

8. She buys new clothes, apparels and cologne and spends more time primping before the mirror.

9. She is often seen in the company of her friends who have lovers themselves and they would go out more often.

10. She smells “something else” upon arriving home and would proceed immediately to the bathroom for a shower.

11. She brings home grocery items and other stuffs more often than usual, and

12. She starts comparing her husband with other men.

Well, these are just some tips, fellas.

But when these signs start to appear, the husband should start playing detective or consider hiring one.

Or else, it might be too late.#