imyeyes-banner-sqIn My EyesBy Edward B. Antonio

Aha, you are sick!

Sometimes, you feel you are not your old self, fellas.

You are not yet that old but you feel you tire faster than usual.

You can’t sleep or eat as usual although you don’t have a serious problem.

Our late neighbor Orlando, an alcoholic, discovered one day that his skin was drying up and that his skin color had grown dark. The last time I saw him, he looked like a living corpse and I predicted he won’t last a month.

Two days later, his family discovered him dead in his bedroom. He died of cirrhosis or cancer of the liver.

Another neighbor, Pacito (we called him “Pacing Sexy” when we were young because he walked like a female) came to join our usual session under the street lamp one evening.

“Can I join you?” he asked, but we could hardly understood his voice, quite gruff and the voice could hardly come out of his throat.

He said he had a sore throat.

He was a constant storyteller to us kids on the block, when we were young and we enjoyed his stories on politics and murders.

I did not know what transpired next the following months, but the next summer, when I had my vacation in our place, (I was studying then at MMSU-Laoag) I heard he was already dead. His “sore throat” was, after all, cancer of the throat. He was a chain smoker.

Maybe I am gifted with that instinct that I know that a man’s life is nearing his end, by just his mere looks.

An older former co-worker, absent for almost a month due to anemia (as he said) reported to duty one morning, so frail and thin. He looked like a walking dead and I predicted he won’t live long to his 60th birthday. True to my prediction, he died before his 60th birthday.

But the most painful prediction that I made was when I saw my mentor, buddy and writing adviser, Mang Celin Soria, descending down from the stairway one afternoon when I paid him a visit. He only had one kidney and because he had been drinking too much that month (he said his idol was Edgar Allan Poe), he got sick, hence my visit. As he was descending, I saw he was not alright, he looked like a living dead. I knew then he won’t last.

He died at the hospital a month later.

When you are not alright, you should be aware of the following symptoms, fellas:

1. You find that your lips cracked

It may sound like something that just happens due to the weather, but cracked lips, especially at the corners, can actually show that you have a vitamin B12 deficiency. A lack of this vitamin in your system can lead to health issues such as anemia and it will affect your blood, so look at either buying a supplement to boost the levels, eat foods that are high in it or consult your doctor to get a special injection that really will make a difference to your health.

2. You are not as tall as you used to be

This may sound strange, but as we get older there is a tendency for us to shrink, but the rate at which this happens can indicate that there is some kind of issue with our bones and in particular with us developing osteoporosis. The problem with this bone disease is that it then means we are more likely to fracture a bone when we fall or develop curvature of the spine, so early diagnosis will allow you to make changes to your diet that can stop it from progressively getting worse.

3. You pick up more than your fair share of colds

If you seem to be more prone to picking up colds it may indicate that you need to boost your immune system or there may be some kind of issue with it. You may be lacking in Vitamin C or there could even be a virus attacking it that you are unaware of, so get a blood test carried out that can check if there is anything to be concerned about and try to improve your general health to give it that natural boost.

4. Your urine is too yellow

It is important that you pay attention to the color of your urine as this can actually be a fantastic indicator about your general health. If you are hydrated your urine should be almost clear, but if you are drinking enough and it is still a dark yellow it may indicate that there is an issue with your kidneys and the waste is not being processed correctly. Look at upping your fluid intake and see if it helps, but only drink water, and if it stays the same get your kidney function checked.

5. Your skin acts up continuously

If you find that you develop acne, eczema, or any other skin disorder on a regular basis then it can mean more than you are simply not taking care of the skin or using the correct products. Instead, it could be the result of an allergic reaction or it may be your body telling you that it is stressed and needs you to slow down. Your skin is the biggest single organ in your body, so listen to what it is telling you as your body often uses it to put out a cry for help and it offers up signs that all is not well and you are not as healthy as you thought you were.

6. You are not sleeping like normal

If you find that your sleep pattern is disturbed and you are suffering from some form of insomnia, it does tend to point towards your body and mind being too stressed. When we sleep, our body is supposed to lower the amount of cortisol coursing through it, but when we are stressed this does not happen and we are thrown out of sync. When this happens our body struggles to repair itself and recharge its batteries leading to us gradually being run down and when this happens we can pick up all kinds of illnesses due to our immune system not operating at full capacity.

7. You sleep enough but you still feel tired

If you are getting more than enough sleep, but still find that you are tired in the afternoon, then it may indicate that there is a problem with your thyroid. The problem here is that your adrenal glands are being exhausted leading to your body using up all of its energy early on without it being replaced in the proper manner. This problem can then lead to your body being run down as it is working so hard trying to protect you from the different kinds of toxins that you can pick up during the day from the environment as well as things you are doing. When this happens it leaves you open to other potential health problems, so get your thyroid checked.

And, may I add this.

If we meet and I sense you don’t feel good, do ask me if you still can live that long. Believe me, I can sense when a man is so sick that verily, he is going to die sooner or a little bit later, but not for so long.

No kidding, fellas. ●