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Alone yet not alone

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May I share a beautiful poem which Fr. Jerry M. Orbos, SVD, shared in his Inquirer column “Moments,” a few years ago, titled “Alone yet not alone,” which fits the feeling I still have, as one who lost a loved one on Jan. 2, 2018, but still feel he is with me.

Alone yet never alone.
I have an empty chair—
but sometimes in the silence,
I imagine you are there.
The good companion of the past,
no longer here with me;
and yet in some mysterious ways,
You keep me company.
Thoughts or spirit?
Does it matter?
Words are meaningless.
I only know that in my times
of greatest loneliness,
I feel that you are somewhere near
though nothing’s seen or said;
the bitter moment passes and
my heart is comforted.
I receive the strength I need,
I am rescued from despair;
maybe that’s the way God works—
the answer to a prayer.
Though the pain is never lost
and the future is unknown,
I face the years that lie ahead,
alone, yet not alone…

May I add mine:

Thank you, sweetheart,
for the good times that we shared.;
I’m sorry, dear, if there were times
I didn’t show you that I cared.
I love you, I love you, I love you…

Fr. Orbos prayed and, may I pray with him: “Lord, after this life, I want to meet You and my beloved one, again, in heaven. Amen.”●

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