Angara eyes “one million hectares, one million jobs program” to solve unemployment

term is being eyed by Team PNoy senatorial candidate Edgardo “Sonny” Angara as an urgent  solution to the nagging underemployment problem that affect  7.9 million Filipino workers .

Angara said that the partnership would provide the funding, administrative support, technical support and trained staff to fully make productive at least one million hectares of  underused or idle agricultural lands.

Experts from the public and private sectors had earlier said that at least a million hectares of agricultural lands is either lying  idle or barely used for agricultural production and  related commercial purposes . These idle and underutilized lands are spread out across the various regions, they said.

Angara said the jobless and the underemployed would be the principal beneficiaries of the  “One Million Hectares, One Million Jobs “ program that he is proposing .

Of the roughly 7.9  million Filipinos who  are underemployed, he said, 41 per cent are in the rural areas.

According to Angara, the  private sector can act as a steady and reliable market for what could be produced from the fully-utilized lands.

He said that grow-out and  contract growing partnerships between agribusiness integrators and farmers have not only created pockets of rural prosperity but also generated employment on a large scale.

The contract-growing partnerships cover many commercial crops, hog growing and broiler raising.

“The One Million Jobs, One Million Hectares Program is a viable poverty-alleviation and rural job generation program,” said Angara, whose main policy approach to reining in poverty is by fully developing the poverty-stricken areas and build prosperity from ground level .

Angara’s main approach to economic development is building growth from ground up and  bringing development  right into the centers of poverty.#