Annoying network racket

In My Eyes: By Edward Antonio

Mang Maing’s wife, a public school teacher, was seriously teaching her Grade VIII-Special Science Class when her cellphone, tucked neatly inside her blouse pocket, suddenly vibrated. Thinking it was an emergency text from a family member (her 2-year-old son was sick at home by that time), she excused herself for a while, went outside the classroom and read the message.

But her blood soared when the text she was expecting to come from home regarding her sick child, instead came from TM’s 2363 which read: “BE A LOAD HERO! Play RUN RUN SUPER V and you can win FREE LOAD! Plus iPhones and iPads!17810 winners already. Text RUN to 8888 now. Help? Call 7371007.”

She cried in anger at TM’s text, asking the high heavens why TM would send her a text when she was busy teaching!

Mang Maing’s wife returned to the classroom and had to cool down for a while before she resumed teaching. To avoid further unsolicited text from TM, she switched off her phone.

Other annoying texts from her TM network that constantly hounded her came from the numbers 2662, 8933 and 2910, since she subscribed to TM.

In one of her vacant periods, Mang Maing’s wife surfed the internet in order to find solution to her problem. She was shocked to discover that there are thousands like her who have been complaining of unsolicited text from TH/Globe!

An anonymous netizen said: “Lately, I have been getting text alerts titled “GEXTRA” from 2346. Immediately, I check on my load status and upon doing so, I have been deducted P1.00 from my P30.00 load. I tried to unsubscribe by replying back to 2346 the following commands: STOP, STOP GEXTRA, STOP ALL, but then I keep on getting this same reply: ‘You don’t have any subscriptions on 2346. This text is FREE. Get hot music and game downloads for your mobile visit browsing is FREE. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm’. So I tried another command which is “STOP ALERT.” Then i got this reply: ‘You have just opted to stop receiving FREE ALERTS.’ If I am not subscribed to any alerts whatsoever to 2346, then why am I being charged for the alerts that I get and they say it’s free. This is just so lame. I hope this post helps for those who have the same problem as mine.”

She surfed further only to find out there are a lot of people complaining about unsolicited texts from TM/Globe coming from the numbers 2363, 2346, 2474, 3456, 2630, 2474, 2864, 2600, 2898, 2332 etc.

Other netizens complain of unknown numbers posting advertisements selling items, houses, lots, cars etc.

One netizen who call himself Jekjek says: “Nagswitch ako to globe kc most of contacts ko are globe subscribers. pero since day one nakakareceive ako ng 2-4 spam sms. nakakasira ng araw lalo na pag may hinihintay ka na urgent na message. Sana gawan nlng ng paraan to baka meron na li-leak ng mga number kasi di ko nman to naeencounter sa isang line ko from other telecom. Confidentiality risk din to kasi nakukuha ng di kilalang tao contact number natin. Isa sa mga authentication credential ang phone number sa mga telebanking at ibang services.”

These citizens’ complaints reached the ears of some lawmakers. The Manila Times reported that Senator Manuel “Lito” Lapid filed a bill titled “Cellular Phone Message Spamming Protection Act of 2010” that would impose a P500,000 to P1 million fine or imprisonment form six months to six years to anybody or any company sending unsolicited advertisements through text messages. The bill though didn’t get anywhere.
In the House of Representatives, Congressman Emmanuel Pacquiao—yep, Manny Pacquiao —filed also in 2010 the counterpart bill, his version imposing a fine of P20,000 to P100.00 per violation. It wasn’t clear though in the bill if “per violation” for each unsolicited text message. Then Congressman Joseph Victor Ejercito (“JV Estrada”) also filed nearly an exact but separate bill.

The three bills didn’t even get to the stage of being referred to the appropriate committee discussions and public hearings, and died with the end of the 15th Congress.

With so many puerile bills filed in Congress—a bill was filed for instance wanting to declare waling-waling as our national flower and another banning the all-you-can-eat rice scheme in certain fast-food chains—it is amazing why there hasn’t been one filed to penalize senders of unsolicited SMS ads.

One netizen whose name is Krizza posted on February 13, 2015, 5:33 PM, said.

“Nakakainis ang globe.. di ko alam kung paano ang kalakaran dito.. creating promo such
as 50 txt to globe/tm + fb for only 9 pesos.. pero di magamit ang fb. Tapos dahil nakabukas ang mobile data. Uubusin ang load mo.. ng wala man lang notification??? Nasasayang ang load ng walang napapala.. i think globe should bring back the stolen load.. yes it was stolen …kasi papauso ng promos… bug without your knowledge nanakawan ka ng load.”
I share the sentiments with these people, fellas.

My family members use TM/Globe SIM cards because most of our relatives and friends use TM/Globe SIM cards, too.

But with the way Globe is treating us, valued customers, we are contemplating on changing network, hoping to find solution to these long-time problems of load being deducted, unsolicited and annoying texts from 2363, 2346, 2474, 3456, 2630, 2474, 2864 , 2600, 2898 , 2332 etc. and irritating promos and ads.

And will TM/Globe please stop sending us text coming from 2363, 2346, 2474, 3456, 2630, 2474, 2864, 2600, 2898 , 2332 etc. They are not only irritating. They are a nuisance. They disturb us!

Now, my final question is: If Mang Maing’s wife, in her fit of anger (she suffers from high blood) for being disturbed in her teaching job from a text coming from TM’s 2363, suddenly succumbed to heart or brain attack, will TM/Globe come to her rescue?

Any reaction, fellas?#