Apay nga awan aswang iti Ilocos? (Maudi iti dua a paset)

One psywar operation played upon the popular dread of an aswang, or vampire, to solve a difficult problem. Local politicians opposed Magsaysay’s plan of moving more troops out of defensive garrisons to form further mobile and aggressive BCTs [Battalion Combat Teams], and in one town the local bigwigs pointed out that a Huk squadron was based on a hill near town. If the troops left, they were sure the Huks would swoop down on the town and the bigwigs would be their victims. Only if the Huk squadron left the vicinity would they agree to the removal of the guarding troops. The problem, therefore, was to get the Huks to move. The local troops had not been able to do this.

A combat psywar squad was brought in. It planted stories among town residents of an aswang living on the hill where the Huks were based. Two nights later, after giving the stories time to circulate among Huk sympathizers in the town and make their way up to the hill camp, the psywar squad set up an ambush along a trail used by the Huks. When the Huk patrol came along the trail, the ambushers silently snatched the last man of the patrol, their move unseen in the dark night. They punctured his neck with two holes, vampire-fashion, held the body up by the heels, drained it of blood, and put the corpse back on the trail.

When the Huks returned to look for the missing man and found their bloodless comrade, every member of the patrol believed that the aswang had got him and that one of them would be next if they remained on that hill. When daytime came, the whole Huk squadron moved out of the vicinity. Another day passed before the local people were convinced that they were really gone. Then Magsaysay moved the troops who were guarding the town into a BCT.”

Ket gapu iti bangkay nga awananen iti dara, namati metten dagiti umili nga adda kinapudno ti sarsarita maipapan ti aswang. Daytoy nga estratehia a kontra insurhensia ket nalatak la unay a naaramat kadagiti probinsia ti Capiz, Iloilo ken Antique. Kadagitoy a probinsia a timmaud wenno nangrugian ti saosao nga aswang a kas kinapudno.

Nagserbi ti aswang a kas social control.

Ti balikas nga aswang ket nagbalin a kasla napudot a hotcake kadagiti damag iti panaglabas ti panawen, lalo kadagiti tabloid a nangaramid iti sensationalized a damag tapno makakiddisda iti nangato a sirkulasion ti pagiwarnak.

Ti istratehia ket naiyaplay met iti pammati iti al-alia. Nalatak unay ditoy ti sensationalized a damag a ‘White Lady iti Zapote Bridge’ ken dadduma pay.

Ngem awan ti aswang iti Ilocos. Apay?

Simple laeng ti rason, logic. Lohika. Kasano koma nga adda aswang iti Ilocos ket ditoy ti pagtataudan ti produkto a bawang? Aggapu iti Ilocos ti kaaduan a produksion ti bawang iti pagilian. Ti bawang ti pangontra iti aswang isu a natural nga awan ti aswang iti Ilocos a kabawangan. Saan ngarud a maiyaplay iti Ilocos ti psychological warfare nga aswang. Natural, awan aswang iti Ilocos.

Ti psychological warfare (psywar) ket agbatbatay a kanayon iti logic wenno lohika tapno naballigi.#