Aquino foes spinning wild tales to bury C-5 raps vs NP bet – Tañada

Liberal Party spokesperson Erin Tañada yesterday said the allies of Sen. Manny Villar have began concocting wild tales to try to divert the people’s attention from the Senate report finding the NP bet’s real estate empire to have benefited from the C-5 road extension project.

“They have run amuck. The people will see thru these accusations for what they really are: lies manufactured to destroy Noynoy and cast doubts on the legacy of President Cory and Ninoy Aquino,” he said.

Tañada cited the use of the terms “SCTEX Massacre” and “blood money” by Cavite Rep. Crispin Remulla, brother of NP spokesperson Gilbert Remulla, in a press release issued on Saturday as the latest products churned out by Villar’s spin factory.

Tañada said Villar’s proxies have began to resort to scurrilous libel in the absence of evidence to link Sen. Noynoy Aquino to allegations that he influenced the decision of the BCDA to extend the tollway all the way to Tarlac.

Remulla had virtually confirmed suspicions that Sen. Manny Villar has an unholy alliance with President Gloria Arroyo when he said that Arroyo would be able to confirm that the late President Cory pushed for the implementation of the SCTEX project.

The Cavite solon claims to have been told by “someone close to the President (Arroyo) that somebody called her up because if she didn’t, it would not have been implemented.”

“Who has that much influence to call somebody to push through with the project? Go ask GMA. She should know,” the newspaper report quoted Remulla as saying.

“The Villarroyo combine are not only trying to bury the C-5 issue, they are also trying to cover-up the clearly unholy alliance that they themselves have unwittingly disclosed to the people,” Tañada said.

He expressed confidence that the people will know in the days ahead who has used public office for personal gain.#