Aquino support remains solid at 37 percent It’s not 4% but 1% gain for Villar in NP-funded SWS poll – Kiko

Liberal Party Sen. Kiko Pangilinan yesterday said the latest SWS poll shows that voter support for Sen. Noynoy Aquino has solidified at 37 percent while NP bet Manny Villar managed only a one percent gain at 29 percent from the 28 percent he got in the earlier SWS survey.

“If the report from the Villar camp is true, then they don’t have really much to be happy about,” said Pangilinan, who is the campaign manager for the LP senatorial ticket.

“It confirms the widening lead of Noynoy Aquino over Villar in earlier polls released last month by SWS and Pulse Asia and establishes that Noynoy has a very strong base of voter support at 37 percent,” he pointed out.

According to the report, the SWS poll was conducted from March 28-30 and commissioned by a top Villar ally, House Minority leader Ronaldo Zamora.

The survey shows Aquino maintaining his widening lead at 37 percent against Villar’s 29 percent, a one percent-gain from the 28 percent recorded in a previous Businessworld-SWS poll conducted from March 19-22.

Former President Joseph Estrada was at third with 17 percent, a two percent drop from the 19 percent he got in the same poll, while Gilbert Teodoro rose to 8 from 6 percent.

“With a +/- 2 percent margin of error, the 1 percent gain of Villar is virtually insignificant contrary to the mega-hype trumpeted by the NP,” Pangilinan said.

“One must also not be misled by the comparison made by one of their spokesperson between the results of the SWS and earlier one done by Pulse Asia to show Sen. Villar gaining not 1 but 4 percent,” he said.

There are obviously differences in methodology and design, as well as number of respondents, between the SWS and Pulse Asia surveys, the LP leader said.

In the Pulse Asia survey done from March 21-28, Aquino went up to 37 percent, a gain of one percent from the previous Pulse Asia poll in February, while Villar dropped four  points to 25 percent from the 29 percent he got in the same period.

Pangilinan pointed out that confirmation of the widening lead of Sen. Noynoy Aquino by the Zamora-funded poll appears to have instigated the intensified black propaganda operations of the Villar camp after the Holy Week break in the campaign.

He said: “Our opponents should realize that no amount of dirty tricks can stop the people’s desire for honesty in government and genuine change, as seen in the outpouring of support for the Aquino-Roxas team and the LP senatorial slate.”