Weird groups

Everybody has a clique or cliques, fellas. We have teachers’ group, police group, politicians’ inner circle group or drug addicts or pushers’ group. Then there’s this media group further splintered into many sub groups like… Read more »

Dental experience

We tend to brush our teeth daily, right, fellas? If you are a professional, one of your important daily routines is to brush your teeth before going out. If your workplace has a bathroom nearby,… Read more »

Which tire burst?

Everything seems negative these pandemic days, fellas, even with the advent of COVID-19 vaccines. Some weeks ago, my sister Juliet and her family in Manila were infected with the deadly virus but in no time,… Read more »


Here’s a story to warm your pandemic days, fellas. There’s this story stored at the back of my brain that now, I needed it to come out to at least, brighten our pandemic days. All… Read more »

A harder stance, please!

We don’t need to wonder why our COVID-19 cases suddenly soared to very high levels, fellas, higher than during the epidemic’s world peak in our country. If there is one country who is wise enough… Read more »

Butiog and heavyweight

When I was in high school, I came across this Chinese-mestizo guardian of one of my classmates. He owned a grocery store right at the heart of the poblacion, just adjacent to the market. His… Read more »

Lost phone

Very recently, I lost my prized cellphone. I say it’s quite dear to me as it contained valuable photos relevant to my job, some work-related files and of course, some “personal” files. I value its… Read more »