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Life begins at 60

Mang Maing says he is nearing retirement from government service. “I will retire at 60,” he said. He said he never believed life begins at 40. He believes life begins at 60! At 55, Mang… Read more »


All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day have become akin to horror stories, fellas. They are all over the televisions. When I was younger, I used to shun away from horror movies or tell-a-tale stories… Read more »

Who will protect us?

Ninja movies have fascinated us no end since we were young, fellas. Ninjas are legendary Japanese secret warriors thoroughly clad from head to foot with only their eyes visibly seen within their overalls. They are… Read more »

Reversing memory loss

One day, while surfing the net, I came across a page which asked the following questions: Do you sometimes forget where you placed your cellphone, your eyeglasses or your wallet? When you go up in… Read more »