BANNER: NGCP expands transmission line capacity in the Ilocos

By Freddie G. Lazaro, PIA, Ilocos Norte

LAOAG CITY – The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has energized its San Esteban-Laoag 230-kiloVolt (kV) Line 2 last Tuesday to expand transmission line capacity in the Ilocos.

NGCP Northluzon Public Affairs Officer Lilibeth P. Gaydowen said the line was energized at 7:02 p.m. then looped and synchronized to the grid at 7:42 p.m.

The new 230kV line is a component of the San Esteban- Laoag transmission project which aims to improve the reliability of power services to the Ilocos region, presently being supplied by a single transmission line rated at 115 kV.

The project involves the construction of a 230-kV double-circuit line spanning 108 kilometers from San Esteban Substation in Ilocos Sur to Laoag Substation in Ilocos Norte to transmit the power generated from the wind power plants in the area.

It is expected to strengthen the transmission corridor in the Ilocos area and at the same time comply with the single outage or N-1 contingency criterion required under the Philippine Grid Code.

“With this upgrade, our lines will be better equipped to transmit the available capacity from the renewable, as well as conventional, energy sources to the rest of the Luzon grid customers,” Gaydowen said.

The Ilocos region has been identified as among the areas with huge wind power generation potential.

In addition to the existing 282 megawatts (MW) of total wind power plant capacity and the expansion plans, the region may also host other renewable energy sources (like solar, hydro or geothermal) and power plants running on conventional fuels (such as coal, natural gas, and diesel).

The San Esteban- Laoag transmission project is a major facility needed for the development of the Northern Luzon 230-kV Loop which will further strengthen the transmission backbone in the region.#