Batac City DepEd set to conduct 120 days of feeding program

By Cherry Joy D. Garma, PIA 1, Ilocos Norte

BATAC CITY, Aug. 18 (PIA) – In a bid to eradicate malnutrition among school children, the City Schools Division of Batac is set to conduct a continuous feeding program starting September through the help of various private organizations.

Schools Superintendent Vilma Eda said that there is a big number of malnourished children, or the so called “wasted” and “severely wasted” in Batac City.

City DepEd records show that 512 children in all the elementary schools alone were reported malnourished.

At least 312 of them will undergo feeding program of the DepEd in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), while the remaining number of malnourished children will be handled by the private individuals and institutions for sponsored feeding programs with the help of the local government of Batac.

“The program gives 120 days of continuous feeding and will start on September though individual or organization benefactors,” Eda said.

The division office is regularly monitoring the health conditions of the children to ensure good physical and psychological disposition of the children in the development of their studies.

Recently, schools here also joined the National Deworming Day of the Department of Health (DOH) where hundreds of school children were given free deworming tablets.

Aside from malnutrition, the division office also faces overweight and obesity problems among school children and also employees.

To cater to the problem, teachers are conducting weekly fitness program to promote a healthy lifestyle.#

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