Bataoil orders manhunt of Asingan rob-slay suspects

CAMP OSCAR FLORENDO – Police Chief Supt. Leopoldo N. Bataoil has ordered a nationwide manhunt operation for the immediate arrest of the suspects in the robbery-slay of four persons in Calepaan, Asingan, Pangasinan last April 23. 

Bataoil also instructed Police Senior Supt. Isagani Nerez, Pangasinan provincial director, to create a task force to investigate the case.

Several unidentified armed men barged into the house of  Honrado Miranda, 50, and shot him, his wife Isabel, 48, and his nephews Adrian Fred Cansino, 15, and Cesar Quejada, 26.

All the victims died instantly.

The maid and a 15-year-old son of the couple survived the massacre.  

The police is looking at robbery as the motive of the killing as Honrado and his wife were in the money changing business.

The victims were reportedly tailed by the suspects aboard a motorcycle on their way home.

Police investigators said the suspects barged into the house, tied Cansino and Quejada then went upstairs where Mrs. Miranda was resting.

The police theorized that the suspects shot Mrs. Miranda when they found no money in the drawers, went back to the two tied victims and shot them.

 On their way out of the house, they met Mr. Miranda and also shot him.