Beware of counterfeit bills; know more about your money

By: Elsha Marie B. Soriano. PIA, Pangasinan

DAGUPAN CITY – Have you ever been a victim of counterfeiting?

You might not want it to happen again. It is best to be familiar with the security features of genuine notes to be able to detect counterfeit bills.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) reiterated to the public to be vigilant against the possible proliferation of counterfeit bills as the yuletide season draws near.

To protect them from deceptive bills, the BSP reminded consumers to always “look, feel and tilt” the features of new generation currencies to help them easily detect fake money.

The genuine notes are rough and course in texture because these are printed on a special paper. It feels substantial and solid to touch and does not glow under ultraviolet light.

The prints, which are rough to touch, clearly printed and readable include the Republika ng Pilipinas portrait, amount in words, signature and the value panels on the face of the note.

The watermark figure appearing on the face of the note is solid, distinct and well-defined. A shadow image of the portrait and the denominational value (20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1, 000) can also be seen at the blank space on the note when viewed against the light from either side of the note.

The serial numbers, composed of 1 or 2 prefix letters and 6 or 7 asymmetric (increasing in size) digits located at the lower left and upper right corners on the face of the note.

The word “PILIPINO” written in pre-Spanish Philippine writing system or Babaylan is seen in complete form when the note is viewed against the light.

Some visible fibers embedded on the paper at random will glow in two colors red and blue, when viewed under the ultraviolet light.

The denominational value, which is superimposed on the smaller version portrait at the upper left side of the note, becomes obvious when the note is rotated 45 degrees and tilted down.

A shiny band that is a 10-millimeter gold-colored stripe with the numerical value (P100, P200, P500 and P1000) printed in series is placed vertically across the portrait.

To heighten the public awareness regarding counterfeit detection, clean note policy, coin recirculation, roles of central bank are advocacies of the central bank.#