Books remind Filipinos in Southland, NZL about cultural heritage

An OFW Journalism Consortium news flash digest

(from a July 20 report by Cassandra Pokoney of Southland Times)


RIVERSDALE, NEW ZEALAND— Two hundred forty-three books from the Philippines were given to a Southland District library in Winton.

The books are part of an initiative to remind Filipino children in Riversdale of their cultural roots, according to a report by The Southland Times.

The initiative is a joint project between the Southland Multicultural Council and the Embassy of the Philippines. Library manager Lynda Hodge told the Times that “the library was well used by many Filipino families and there was already high demand for the books, which would be available to other branches in the district.”

One of the women in the library Khristine Mananes told the Times that “It’s a good privilege for us, having these books, because these books are available for our kids. Most of our kids are just starting their school here. As parents, it will be easier for us to teach our kids the history of the Philippines, the language and the culture while we are here in New Zealand.”

Meanwhile, Southland District Deputy Mayor Jim Copland said that the Filipinos presence in their community “enriches our cultural diversity.”#