Breast Feeding Tsek Techniques Part 2

Breastfeed frequently, as often as the baby wants, day and night. The signs when the baby is hungry are: when baby turns towards the breast and searches for the nipple, licking movements, flexing arms, clenching fists, tensing body and kicking legs. Crying is the last sign of hunger.

Continue breastfeeding even if the mother or the baby becomes ill. Mothers suffering from headaches, backaches, colds, diarrhea or any other common illness, should continue to breastfeed her baby. Sick mothers need to rest and drink plenty of fluids to help her recover. If the mother does not get better, she should consult a health worker and say that she is breastfeeding. If the baby has diarrhea or fever, the mother should continue to exclusively breastfeed and frequently to avoid dehydration and malnutrition. Breastmilk contains water, sugar and salts in adequate quantities to help the baby recover quickly. In cases of severe diarrhea, the mother should continue to breastfeed and provide oral rehydration solution using a spoon or cup. Medical help should be sought.

Avoid using bottles, pacifiers (dummies), or other artificial nipples.#