Health is not valued till sickness comes… AGREE or DISAGREE?

Health is one of the most important things in life.

No matter how people choose their priorities, health should always come first.

Unfortunately, not everyone has good health. Some can not afford it, while others do not know and appreciate its value.

To begin with, a good health is a vital key to a happy full-fledged life. A healthy person is happy, full of energy and is a better worker. As such, he can enjoy all the pleasures in life, which a sickly person cannot do.

Maintaining good health costs less than trying to restore a damaged one.  Even a healthy food costs less than junk food.

Sometimes, we do not care about our health until the last hour when our weak body has already succumbed to illness. It is not surprising then to see men and women that were strong yesterday because they were in the prime of health but today, have been sickly and forlorn because they have neglected their health and have subjected their body to grave abuse through the years.  These people have forgotten a very valuable lesson in life: Health is Wealth!

Bottomline: Health is the most important treasure in our life and we must appreciate, value and take good care of it.

Source: NumeroUnosaNutrisyon