Candon City dads approve tax relief for delinquent businessmen

CANDON CITY – Delinquent business taxpayers of Candon City can now
settle their dues without worrying their unpaid interest and surcharge
from the previous years.

This is now possible after the city council here has passed and approved Ordinance No. 429 which grants tax relief to delinquent business taxpayers from the year 2001 up to the present.

City Councilor Alfonso Singson, author of the said bill, said the ordinance is aimed to help businessmen who want to revive their business.

“With the approval of Ordinance 429, they can continue their business without worrying the interest and surcharges of their business tax,” Singson said.

Singson explained that the granting of tax relief was in the form of non-imposition of interest and surcharges.  However, businessmen have to settle the business tax which they have not paid in previous years, he said.

Bernardita Mati, treasurer, said the ordinance would benefit  more than 1,000 businesses in this city.

“We could generate more or less P2 million from this,”  Mati said.

The tax relief was implemented from June 16 to July 31, 2008, a 45-day holiday for delinquent business taxpayers to settle their account.

The body approved the said ordinance based on Section 192 of RA 7160, the Local Government Code of 1991,  that the power to tax and give tax exemption is delegated  by the Constitution and by statute to the local government.

Reliefs maybe in the form of condonation or extension of time for payment or non-imposition of surcharge or interest.#