Carrots, papaya are super veggies

By Imelda Castro-Rivero


When you say ‘super’ vegetables, you must mean they give the richest nutrients to make our bodies healthy. Yes, and don’t you know that some of these are always available in our backyard?  So, there is no reason that we do not get proper nutrients everyday by eating these.

The Ilocos Sur Nutrition Office wants residents to remember what vegetables are best for them. It is monitoring gardens in schools of the province where these can be planted. The  super veggies include the carrots, and papaya.

Amparo Javillonar, the provincial nutrition officer, shared that carrots are full of vitamin A.  So, her office is urging parents to include this in their family meals. Carrots are also rich in iron and calcium.

So when eating carrots, especially the fresh ones, either uncooked or still crispy cooked ones, their kids’ eyes are kept clear.  The iron content makes them active in class, and strengthens their resistance against illnesses, conquering anemia and infection. Plus their bones and teeth are strengthened by the calcium content.

A half cup of cooked carrots is more than what the body needs each day in vitamin A.

Eating the Papaya

A very common fruit which is also cooked as vegetable is the papaya. Looking around in barangays we can find them standing everywhere. But not everybody knows that they are rich sources of vitamins A and C. One slice of ripe papaya is equal in nutrient to seven and a half pieces of latundan. A most wonderful help of every family in fighting colds.

But when buying papaya, if you have no plant in your backyard, choose one which is elongated and rounded in one end. This has more meat, juice, and the skin is thin.

And when you have your own plant, pick the fruit when there are little parts which are ripe. It will be fully ripe in 4-5 days.  And don’t place in the refrigerator as this will change its taste.#