IN MY EYES: The death of ECA

ECA stands for Extra Curricular Activities, fellas. It was one of the nicest incentives given by the DepEd to talented students so they can show off their wares during competitions, seminars or trainings. You see,… Read more »

IN MY EYES: Surviving more Ompongs

Every year, the Philippines encounters numerous typhoons. Flash floods and heavy rains have become ordinary occurrences during rainy season. Over the decades, people have witnessed a series of typhoons that varied in strength, duration and… Read more »

SINURSURAN: Ngem, pagyamananka, Ompong!

IDI, nasayaat met no ngimmina amin a magatgatang, kunatayo. Ita, pagyamanak met ni Ompong, ti super typhoon a namsaak kadatayo. Amangan no addan mangpampanunot nga agpakitaakon kadagiti saykayatris. Nalukayen ti turnilio? Didigra, pagyamananna, pui! kuna… Read more »


PERMIKA met, Ompong! Naulpitka la unay, kasta man ti kunada kenka iti social media. Adu ti imbatim a nakaam-ames a pagteng. Malaksid kadagiti dinadaelmo a sanikua, addada pay biag nga impatlim. Ginaburam, tinungdaymo a naminpinsan… Read more »