Cholesterol: Keep it down!

Source: Philippine Heart Association

In Radyo Mo Sa Nutrisyon Year 6, Episode 15, “Cholesterol: Keep It Down! Part 2”, guest resource person, Dr. Ian Herbert I. Estanislao, a cardiologist, stressed the importance of adopting the 52100 (five two one zero zero) lifestyle formulated by the Philippine Heart Association.

This 52100 formula will help in lowering blood cholesterol level to reduce the risk of fatal noncommunicable diseases of the heart and blood vessels. 52100 stands for:

5 – servings of vegetables and fruits each day: veggies at breakfast, lunch & dinner, and fruits for morning and afternoon snacks

2 – hours only of screen time per day TV-watching and iPad games;

2 – grams of salt only per day

1 – hour of moderate exercise daily, like brisk walking

0 – zero sugar-sweetened beverages

0 – zero smoking