City council adopts committee report on calesa parking

VIGAN CITY – The City council here has adopted the report of the committee on transportation recommending the transfer of the parking area for calesas for hire.

Councilor Germie Goulart, chairman of the committee on transportation, has recommended the adoption of the on-going dry run on the proposed amendment to move the parking area for calesas in front of the Girl Scout building to the south eastern part of Plaza Burgos fronting the GSP building based on the result of the public hearing conducted last Aug. 3 by the committee at the Vigan Culture and Trade Center .

Earlier, the GSP Council in a resolution requested the city government to transfer the parking area of the calesas in front of their building as the calesas waiting for passengers obstruct the flow of business in their establishment and appealed to the city government for the transfer of the calesa parking space to the northern area across the street.

The GSP Council has forwarded the resolution to the office of City Mayor Ferdinand C. Medina and the city council through the chairman of the committee on transportation, the president of the Calesa Operators’ Association, the City Chief of Police and the Public Safety and Traffic Management Office.

Mayor Medina issued an executive order for the transfer of the parking area for calesas for hire from the corner of Florentino and Plaridel streets to the southeastern area of Plaza Burgos.

Meanwhile, calesa drivers have expressed their opposition to the proposal of Councilor Alfred Figuerres that they use a receptacle to contain their horse’s urine.

Figuerres made the proposal in a move to rid the parking areas of calesas of urine smell which is the common complaint of tourists and customers who passed these areas.

Figuerres said this can be adopted in Vigan as it was effectively implemented in Cagayan.

However, calesa drivers said this would be disastrous as their horse would suffer stomach pain which may result in death if distracted while urinating.

The parking areas were frequently splashed with water but the smell still pervaded especially during hot days.