City Council holds public hearing on market status

VIGAN CITY – The City Council here recently held a public hearing on the present status of the city public market, popularly known as the Gov. Evaristo ‘Titong’ Singson Commercial Center.

The said hearing was spearheaded by the City Council’s committee on market chaired by Councilor Everin Molina. This was attended by some market vendors led by the association president Jose Empleo.

Aside from the status of the public market in terms of physical arrangements, especially now that it is already in the fourth module, the group also discussed the flow of traffic within and around the public market.

Most of the vendors who attended the hearing reacted even as they presented their common observations that there’s really no smooth flow of traffic in the market area.

“Really, there are designated parking areas for public utility vehicles, such as tricycles, but we observe that drivers are not complying. They prefer to park their tricycles in places other than their designated parking areas,” some of the vendors noted.

Councilor Germelina S. Goulart, chairman of the committee on transportation, asked the support of the Vigan City Public Safety Office personnel (traffic aides) through consultant and former City Councilor Nicomedes Ramirez, regarding the proper implementation of the traffic ordinance within the premises of the public market.

“Our traffic aides must do something to improve the flow of traffic within the public market and its surroundings and maintain orderliness in the entire area,” the lady councilor said.

For their part, Councilors Andres Adriatico, Henry Formoso and Hermenigildo Apelin reiterated their own observations that there’s really no orderliness as far as the flow of traffic in the market area is concerned. According to them, this might even lead to chaos if the situation worsens.

The group agreed to adopt the following proposed measures in order to prevent chaos or a severe case of disorderliness in the area: 1) to set aside an exclusive parking space for private tricycles; 2) to provide a parking space for grocery vans; 3) to provide a separate parking space for single motors; and 4) to deploy more traffic aides for all sides in the market.

The participants also discussed during the public hearing the previously passed ordinances that should be fully implemented and enforced by the law enforcement agencies concerned.