City Council holds series of budget hearings

VIGAN CITY – The city council here headed by Vice Mayor Franz Ranches has been holding a series of budget hearings for the past few months.

According to Ranches, the city council has adopted a “piecemeal” type of budget hearing in order to concentrate on the issues concerning the budget of the various departments under the city government.

“We are doing our best to adopt what we believe is really beneficial to the city employees in particular and to the citizens of Vigan in general in terms of budget apportioning and funds allocation,” Ranches said.

Scheduled in different dates, the august body conducted the budget hearing every other week of the month.

As of presstime, the city council has already heard the proposed budget of majority of the city government’s departments.

The city council working as a committee of the whole is on schedule to complete  its mandatory task of hearing the different department offices’ budget before the closure of allocated funds from the internal revenue allotments (IRRA) for calendar year 2006, the vice mayor said.