It’s not a typographical error. The title is true as it is typed. And never to be Command it.

Many would be surprised to note an entirely different title for our article today. Perhaps many would raise eyebrows why such is the title. Well, the world keeps on changing at a very rapid pace. And the only thing that we can do is not to be outpaced.

We need to be abreast with the times.

Just like the gay lingo. It’s annoying sometimes to hear many “choklas’ saying Greek to many people. They themselves simply understand them.

Even some TV commercials, there are also conversations that other ethnic groups can’t understand. But as they continually to get immersed, they soon adopt said jargons or whatever you call them.

In our digital age, technology practically commands everything. In the academe, military organizations, businesses, they have their own pass words. They have codes that they themselves alone know.

And that is the on-going business now-a-days.

Communication had gone very far. Far from the memory of many old people.

What have been etched before is no longer functional.

This is where the challenge meets reality.

People must, and ought to update themselves with newer technologies.

Unless they comply, they shall be fired or retired.

We can’t escape reality. And such is happening now.

Knowledge expansion. Narrower world. Cross border education and the like.

Communication lines are becoming more complex and wider. Technologies are the tools of today.

Who imagined, two centuries ago, that this century, we will be in the age of infotech? An era of information in a capsule?

With all the above justifications, UNP fails not to consider the very impact and significance of Communication and Information Technology in its curriculum.

 Hence, the last goal is encapsulized in a very technical statement: Advancement in Communication and Information Technology.

In retrospect, UNP Candon envisioned in 1998 that a new curricular offering would improve the image of our alma mater. The offering of the Bachelor or Science in Computer Science was a turning point by itself. Now, if we try seeing our graduates equipped with virtual skills and software utilization competencies, they are side by side with other IT graduates, not very far from their acquired knowledge. They could be of competitive value.

Even in the Education courses, we can’t afford to ignore the call of the day. That these future teachers should be equipped with the fundamental skills in using the ever-wide pool of resources in the Internet. The introduction of educational Technology as a separate course is an avenue to nurture, enhance the teaching-learning process.

Many of our education students are good PowerPoint presenters, they could be at par with the premier schools in the metropolis.

It’s really very satisfying on the part of the instructors to see our future teachers become computer literate; that they could use many modern equipments in teaching.

It’s because literacy has a different connotation and denotation at present. One must not be able to read and write but to become a virtual expert.

Well, the communication highway is just outside our home, or it could even be in our own homes. It’s just very disgusting that the National Broadband Network that connects all highways ( offices, agencies , all throughout the Philippines and even the world) did not materialize because of some selfish interest of many local and national leaders.

I believe that we can now learn by ourselves, students and teachers alike,  if we only give ample consideration to this blessing. Communication and Information Technology is not a bane, it’s a boon. Do you agree?#