Competent frontliners, sound control measures, cooperative community behind Baguio’s over 70% COVID-19 recovery rate

BAGUIO CITY — Baguio City’s COVID-19 high recovery rate is due to competent medical front liners, sound control measures and a cooperative people.

Mayor Benjamin Magalong praised the city’s health workers and residents saying,  “we have competent doctors and nursing staff, caring health workers and cooperative community.”

As of Friday, April 17, 12 out of the 17 COVID-19-positive cases have recuperated for a 70.58 percent recovery rate. 

The city registered one death or a 5.89 percent fatality rate.

Aside from the hardworking frontliners and responsive populace, Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) Medical Officer Dr. Ricardo Ruñez also credited the proactive city officials and the sound policies instituted to prevent the disease’s spread.

“Big factors are the early diagnosis and prompt treatment, hardworking frontliners and city officials and cooperation of the community,” Ruñez explained.

The BGHMC official said the sparse cases resulting from the prompt control measures also allowed medical workers to give quality care to patients.

The city witnessed three patients: 52-year old health worker Joel Junsay, 67-year old Jaysay Bactad and 49-year old Dr. Manuel Kelly being discharged from their hospital confinement in early this week.

Junsay, the city’s first local COVID-19 transmission case and first patient to respond to Mayor Magalong’s call for patient identity disclosure, was discharged April 13 from the BGHMC.

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On the same day, Bactad was released from the SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart reuniting with her husband Enrico who himself was a COVID-19 survivor having been released earlier from Notre Dame de Chartres. The couple also agreed early to have their identities divulged to help in contact tracing.

On April 14, Dr. Kelly was also released from the BGHMC. The doctor also responded positively to the city government’s request to publicly reveal his identity.