Consul General to look into the lack of help given to Pinay trafficked victim

(from an August 2011 report by Jan Yumul
and Daisy CL Mandap of the Hong Kong Sun)

HONG KONG—Consul General Claro Cristobal has vowed to look into the alleged lack of help given to Pinay trafficked victim.

The Pinay trafficked victim is facing two charges of breaching immigration, the Sun reported.

Vice Consul Joy Banagodos, however, told the Sun: “I remember advising her (trafficked victim) to go to legal aid. But she wanted to leave HK as soon as possible. She didn’t want to file a case against Ruby Malazarte. Hindi nya tiningnan yung angle na (she didn’t look at the angle) trafficking from POEA that time because that was her wish, to leave for the Philippines.”

Banagodos also declined to give further updates on the case, including why J.S.D. (Pinay victim) decided to change her mind, and decided to plead guilty to offences which from all accounts, she did not commit. (