Corona impeachment a bane to justice system; due process independence at stake – Magsaysay

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay said that the railroading of the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Renato Corona in the Lower House is a further indication that justice is being oppressed in the country.

In her twitter account, Magsaysay said that even Secretary General Yap admitted that 188 congressmen, read, signed and verified the impeachment complaint against the Chief Justice in one hour’s time which she said was a “very fast train.”

“Even his allies admitted that President Aquino wanted the fast impeachment of Corona when the Chief Justice and other justices issued a TRO against the hold departure order of the DoJ against the Arroyos. Saying that it (impeachment) is their (congressmen’s) own initiative does not make this any better. What is the implication of this to our democracy?”

“Does this mean that if any member of the judiciary does not vote in favor of what the President wants, his allies in congress will also work to get them ousted from their positions? PNoy has already said his piece and has made himself more than clear in his intentions. And this is merely a statement that he does not want to be crossed. Its such as shame because it runs contrary to the ideals that his parents fought so hard for,” she said.#