‘Cry of Candon’ cited in national freedom day rites

By Freddie G. Lazaro, PIA 1, Ilocos Norte


CANDON CITY — The famous “Cry of Candon” was cited in the observance of the 118th Philippine Independence Day on Sunday here.

Candon City Mayor Ericson G. Singson said the most remembered historic event in the city during the observance of the Philippine Independence Day is the “Cry of Candon” led by Don Isabelo Abaya.

Singson led the local officials, employees, police and residents in the flag raising rite and wreath-laying ceremony before the monuments of Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, and local hero, Don Isabelo Abaya, at the city’s freedom park as main highlights of the celebration.

“Don Isabelo Abaya had displayed his heroism by sacrificing his life for the sake of our freedom during the Spanish era,” Singson said in his speech.

On March 25, 1898, Abaya declared the Republica de Filipinas de Candon (Republic of the Philippine in Candon) and led the so – called “Ikkis ti Kandon” (Cry of Candon) to fight against the Spaniards in the town.

“We are proud because our fellow Candonian (Candon resident) was the first Filipino, who declared the first Philippine Independence against the Spaniards,” he added.

As perpetual gesture of remembering the “Cry of Candon,” Singson said the city has adopted March 25 as the annual city fiesta of Candon.

Under Republic Act Number 9198, March 25 was declared as a special non-working holiday in the City of Candon for the commemoration of the “Cry of Candon.” The law was approved by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on March 24, 2003.

Mayor Singson also challenged the local officials and residents to continuously dramatize the theme of this year’s Independence Day celebration: “Pagkakaisa, Pag-aambagan, Pagsulong.”

“As we unite ourselves for development, we need to share our talents and our responsibilities as we are moving forward as one community and one nation,” he saFor his part, Congressman Eric D. Singson of the second district of Ilocos Sur called the Filipinos to always remember the Philippine Independence Day to preserve and to honor the heroism of Filipino ancestors, who fought for freedom against the Spaniards.

\“It is fitting for us to remember the horoism of our ancestors, who sought freedom by sacrificing their lives against the Spaniards,” Congressman Singson said.#