DA forms task force ‘Bantay Karne’

By Oliver T. Baccay, One Luzon E-News Magazine


TUGUEGARAO CITY – The Department of Agriculture’s National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) – Region 2 has created task force “Bantay Karne” to run after sellers of double dead meat.

Dr. Cesar Zamora, regional task force head, said the team conducts regular inspection to all slaughterhouses, poultry dressing plants, meat processing areas, warehouses, meat storages and other outlets as well as markets to ensure that no double dead meat are sold to consumers.

The task force is composed of two members from the NMIS regional office, aside from Zamora who is the head. The two members are Dr. Romeo Paguirigan and Dr. Diomedes Lodiveco as members.

Zamora said the task force also monitors compliance of meat outlets on hygienic handling of newly slaughtered, chilled, frozen and thawed meat as well as enforcing guidelines on post meat establishment control.

“We ensure constant monitoring of our meat products because the production of clean, wholesome, healthy and sound meat is our concern for public’s health,” Zamora said.

NMIS assured the public that there is no double dead or “hot” meat sold in public market in the region now as per result of the task force report.

He also urged consumers to report any incident of double dead meat selling or any untoward incident related to meat processing, handling and selling of meat that are in violation to the rules and regulations for proper actions.#