Dati a dean ti student affairs, napili a baro a presidente ti UNP

By Julie Beth Balite

VIGAN CITY – Addan kabarbaro a presidente ti University of Northern Philippines.

Impakaammo dagiti kameng ti Board of Regents ti pannakapili ni Dr. Gilbert Arce, dati a dean ti office of student affairs, a kabarbaro a presidente ti nasao a pagadalan.

Naammuan nga iti 11 a kameng ti Board of Regents, walo laeng ti bimmutos ket pito ti pimmabor ken ni Arce idinto a maysa laeng ken ni Dr. Ferdinand Lamarca.

Dagiti dadduma pay a nagkandidato para presidente ti UNP: Dr. Ferdinand Lamarca, dati a vice president for planning, research and extension; ; Dr. Ceferina Ambre, dati a dean ti graduate school; Dr. Ramon Razote, director ti office of production and auxillary services ken dati a dean ti College of Business Administration and Accountancy; Dr. Ocarna Figuerres, dean ti college of teacher education; ken Dr. Alfredo Rabena, dati a director ti research and development ken tallo nga outsider a pakaibilangan da Dr. Enrie Mendoza, dati a presidential assistant for Region I, Office of the President of the Philippines; Dr. Honorio Buccat, DMMMSU vice president for academic affairs; ken Dr. Medardo de Guzman, dati a hepe ti polis ken part time instructor iti North Luzon Philippines State College (dati a UNP Candon) (Julie Beth Balite)