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Deadly debts

In My Eyes

By Edward B. Antonio

Not all victims of extra judicial killings nowadays are relevant to drugs, fellas.

A middle-aged woman was shot dead while riding on a motorcycle with her driver husband. Two men aboard a black motorcycle overtook them at the national highway and when their motorcycles were side by side, the riding gunman pulled off his .45 caliber pistol and shot her twice in the head.

The stout woman died instantly.

On a closer look, the woman looked innocent. News circulated later that she was killed out of her debts. She was said to have incurred millions in debt which she could not pay.

So, she paid with her life.

Another woman, perhaps in her late fifties, was tailed by a riding in tandem at around 8:00 PM when the former was going home aboard her scooter. She had a business in town. In a dimly lit barangay road near a bridge, she was cut short and shot dead with a bullet to the foreheads.

The reason?

She had lots of debts she could not pay, according to rumors.

I don’t know if debts really are that fatal, fellas, maybe the debts of the two women are so astronomical they had to pay them through their lives.

Then, there’s this man named Diego.

This time, his case is relevant to drugs, fellas.

While biking along a poblacion street one evening, a man wearing a big buri hat suddenly emerged from the dark and shot him. The first volleys did not hit him. He got down from his bike and sped off, but a bullet hit his right leg in the second set of bursts. Down and immobile, one can just imagine the terror in his face when the assailant caught up with him and pointed the gun right through his face. Diego died screaming for help but nobody dared to help him.

News later circulated that Diego was an alleged drug dealer who got his stuff from his supplier through “consignment.” Diego was also a gambler and it was concluded that he lost his drug sales in his gambling spree, hence, he was not able to pay his supplier.

Stephanie Steinberg has enumerated some strategies to pay off debts, easier than what one thinks.

1. Create a budget. The first step to solving your debt problem is to establish a budget,” writes David Bakke. Examine your monthly income and expenses. Then scrutinize those budget categories to see where you can cut costs. “If you don’t scale back your spending, you’ll dig yourself into a deeper hole,” Bakke warns.

2. Pay off the most expensive debt first. Get rid off first with the debts with the highest interest so they won’t accumulate in the long run.

3. Pay more than the minimum balance. Pay more than what is minimally required so as to get out of debt faster.

4. Sacrifice bonuses to paying your debt. If you receive a job bonus around the holidays or during the year, allocate that money toward your debt payoff plan. Avoid the temptation to spend that bonus on a vacation or other luxury purchase.

5. Sell unwanted gifts and household items. Have any birthday gifts or old wedding presents collecting dust in your closet? Search through your home, and look for items you can sell to pay your debts.

6. Change your habits. “Your daily habits and routines are the reason you got into this mess,” Hamm writes. “Spend some time thinking about how you spend money each day, each week and each month Can you bring your lunch to work instead of buying it five times a week?

Mang Maing adds the following:

1. Don’t spend more than you earn. Many people go broke because their eyes are bigger than their pockets.

2. Develop your talents and get a sideline. Many professionals don’t just rely on their professions as their source of living. Many of them are photographers, writers, salesmen, layout artists, real estate brokers, tricycle or jeep operators, product endorsers or agents and private tutors.

3. Save a little everyday. Get a piggy bank. Deposit all coins in your pocket at the end of the day. At the end of the year, you’ll be surprised to see how much you saved!

4. And most of all, don’t incur unnecessary debts. And when you can’t avoid borrowing, don’t run into loan sharks. Join cooperatives and the like where you can borrow at minimal interests. But remember, pay willingly and promptly to have a good reputation.

Get out of debt, fellas.

Sometimes it’s deadly.#