Distressed domestic workers can’t just leave Jordan easily

(from an August 2 report by The Jordan Times)

OBSTACLES are still pre-venting foreign domestic workers in Jordan from returning to their home countries, says migrant advocacy groups.

This is even if thousands of domestic workers, in-cluding 4,011 Filipinas, have been exempted from paying millions of dinars worth of accumulated work and resi-dency permits under existing Jordanian program initiatives to streamline the domestic work sector.

Linda Lallash of the Tamkeen Centre for Legal Assistance notes that 300 domestic workers who bene-fited from fee exemptions are still stuck in the Hashemite Kingdom due to bureaucracy at police stations.

Lakkash called on relevant Jordanian authorities to adopt a mechanism “to streamline the necessary procedures so these workers can go home” soonest.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of this year, the government has taken two decisions to exempt domestic workers from residency and work permits, especially those who ran away from their employers, for reasons such as sexual and physical abuse, unpaid salaries or not adapting to the work environment.(http://www.ofwjournalism.net/article/category/news-flash)