Do not sow division in Magsaysay clan — Magsaysay

Zambales Rep. Mitos Magsaysay is asking Senator Franklin Drilon not to cause division within the Magsaysay clan with the LP’s fielding of former Senator Jun Magsaysay as their senatorial candidate.

“Personally, I am not onion skinned but the fact that Senator Drilon maliciously implied that I am less of a Magsaysay because I was not born into the family speaks of his opinion that all married women are not real members of the family. But that is his opinion. Whether or not he apologizes to all the women affected by his badmouthing is his choice.”

Magsaysay said that she understands that the senator, being a member of the Liberal Party which is an opposing party to the UNA with which she is affiliated, would want to downplay her accomplishments and make her appear less of a viable senatorial candidate but to drag her family name into the picture smacks of bad taste and discrimination.

“Politics is politics but he must understand the limits. Wanting to cause a rift within the clan is totally uncalled for and if he continues to pit us against each other, I do not want this to happen. I have said before that Tito Jun is more than welcome to choose what he will do in 2013. I respect him as a member of the family and as a statesman. There is no issue so I hope Senator Drilon will stop implying that there is and stick to doing his job as a senator primarily and not as a campaigner for LP.”

Magsaysay however said that if Senator Drilon will not apologize for implying that she is any less of a real Magsaysay, she will not force the issue. According to her, what is important is that the people know the truth.

“I will not force him to say sorry if he stands by the fact that he is in the right. I was not asking for the apology for myself anyway but for the millions of married women affected by his badmouthing.”

“He may say that he means nothing by implying that I am less of a member of the Magsaysay family because I married into it and was not born with the surname, but his words have already betrayed his true opinion of married women,” she said.

She added that she is not surprised that Drilon would take the 2013 elections personally because this is the same treatment that she has received from this administration, which refused to release her pork barrel and chose to let her programs in the district suffer just because she is very vocal about her disagreement with the government’s policies.

“Birds of the same feather stick together. If they want to take their politics to this extent, so be it. What matters is at least now the people know the truth. And they also know that I will not take these hits lying down. I will defend myself because I have not done anything wrong and no amount of black propaganda will change that,” Magsaysay said.#