Doctors advise public on use of generic medicines

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DAGUPAN CITY – Branded or generic medicine?

The public may already be confused whether to take branded or generic medicines, but some doctors in the city have given some advice to make choices easier.

Dr. Otto S. Raguindin, director of Medical Services for Region 1 Medical Center, said branded medicines are more expensive because they tend to be advertised more than their generic counterparts.

“Generic medicines entering the market are presumed to have passed testing by the BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs),” he said during the KBP Forum at the Philippine Information Agency office on Thursday.

The generic and branded pharmaceutical companies have been taking on each other in advertisements over the television and radio. Generic drug manufacturers claim that branded medicines are sold way too expensively, while branded medicine manufacturers say generic medicines are ineffective.

Raguindin noted that an unidentified agency has partnered with the BFAD to make more stringent testing of medicines to determine their effectiveness before they are sold to the market.

In the same forum, Dr. Arnel R. Gazmen, OIC-Chief of Clinics of the RIMC, said he himself takes generic drugs and prescribes them to his patients.#