DTI continues its mandate to protect consumers

By Maria Nila O Argel, PIA1 Ilocos Sur)


CABUGAO, Ilocos Sur, July 17 (PIA) — More than 200 consumers in five towns joined the Department of Trade and Industry’s consumer education and information drive recently.

Director Grace Lapastora stressed the importance of information dissemination in protecting the interest of the consumers and promoting their welfare.

Joining the forum were consumers from the towns of Cervantes, Quirino, Burgos, San Emilio and Banayoyo.

Annabelle Polanco, Rogelio Ragasa and Maria Consolacion Añes, all DTI representatives, lectured on the Consumers’ Rights and Responsibilities.

Discussed were eight consumer rights namely: satisfaction of basic needs; safety; to be informed; to choose; to be heard; to redress; to consumer education; and a healthy and sustainable environment.

The resource speakers also said that aside from DTI informing the participants of their rights, consumers also are responsible in protecting their rights.

Responsibilities include: Awareness on the quality, use, and prices of goods and services; Knowledge of consumer rights; Social Concern by caring for senior citizens and persons with disabilities; Environment Awareness by helping and maintaining a clean environment; and Solidarity by joining consumer organizations and be heard as a consumer.

Meanwhile, Benigno Ponce, Trade and Industry Development Specialist, informed the participants of things they need to bear in mind when purchasing.

For instance, erasures or alterations on the price tag are not allowed.

“It is only allowed on price reduction sales promotion campaigns,” said Ponce.

Posters and flyers like Q & A on warranties, rights and responsibilities of consumers and a Guide to the Consumer Act of the Philippines (R.A. 7394) were distributed after the information drives.#