Dugong Bombo 2006: 3590 volunteers donate blood

VIGAN CITY – Dugong Bombo 2006 has collected more than a million cc of blood during the blood letting held simultaneously last November 11 in 26 areas in the country.

Conducted during the occasion of the birthday of its President/CEO, Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, DBM (hc), Dugong Bombo 2006 has generated 3,590 successful blood donors nationwide and collected a total of 1.678 million cc of blood, which is equivalent to 8.39 drums of blood or 139.8333 cases of litro-sized softdrinks during the blood letting conducted simultaneously in 26 areas of the country where Star FM and Bombo Radyo stations operate.

Meanwhile, a total of 91 donors here and in the province have donated 40,950 cc of blood, about .20475 drums of blood or 3.4125 cases of litro-sized softdrinks.

Last July 2, the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) gave to Bombo Radyo Philippines its highest Red Cross Award – “Blood Services Outstanding Award”, for the station’s phenomenal blood donations program and for topping this year’s list of companies which facilitated the donation of the most number of units of blood.

In last year’s bloodletting, about 3,136 volunteers donated 1.4 million cc of blood which was equivalent to more than 8 drums of blood.

For this year, blood donors were issued Dugong Bombo t-shirt, on top of the gift packs and fluid replenishment.

Dubbed “A Little Pain… A Life to Gain”, Dugong Bombo 2006 is the only annual nationwide blood letting campaign spearheaded by Bombo Radyo Philippines in collaboration with the PNRC, local, national sponsors and loyal supporters of this noble project.