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DV proposes calesa as public transport

CABUGAO, Ilocos Sur -Vice Governor Deogracias Victor “DV” Savellano has proposed the calesa as a mode of transportation in the province in the face of soaring prices of oil and other petroleum products in the world market.

Provincial Board Member Azucena “Chuchi” Purisima, chair of the committee on tourism, presented the draft resolution which Savellano authored in a session of the provincial board held here recently.

In his resolution, the vice governor proposed the use of the calesa as an alternative public transportation to help minimize pollution which is attributed to the proliferation of motorized public vehicles such as buses and tricycles plying in the towns and cities in the province.

The vice governor said that the atmosphere is now heavily pollluted as a result of the gas emissions coming from these fuel-consuming vehicles and it is now high time that the government should take the initiative to look for alternatives.

“One of these is the use of the calesa as a public transport,” Savellano said even as he stressed that aside from being environment-friendly, it could also help the national government in its energy conservation program.

Savellano said the scheme could also boost the tourism industry in the province.

“Most tourists prefer to ride in a horse-drawn calesa rather than a motorized vehicle,” the vice governor said.

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