EDITORIAL: Personal Responsibility: Sure Way Against Drug Abuse

Lately, it is observed that there has been a rise in drug pushing and drug addiction in society. We can bring out one hyphothesis: society itself, and on a small scale the family, with its absence of close relationships, the sense of isolation, inability to communicate emotionally directly leads to a void in which drugs become a substitute for human feelings and pleasure.

The government, the Philippine National Police, the Church, the schools – – including non-government organizations – – have not been remiss in doing their part in the fight against illegal drugs. But we observe that despite what they are doing, the drug menace is not contained.

Many methods have been attempted to curb illegal drugs. Death penalty, life imprisonment for drug dealers and suppliers, more police, education, treatment, interdictions and other strategies have been advocated or used, but drugs are still with us.

Declaring drugs illegal makes them more expensive to obtain, so the saying goes, so more crimes are being committed by users to pay for their habits. And drug suppliers and drug lords do everything to protect their turfs.

The cost of policing society for drugs is tremendous. We have to pay for the prisons, for law enforcement agents and for bureaucracies set up to deal with drugs.

Will making prohibited drugs legal work? But most people see that making drugs like shabu, marijuana, cocaine and heroin cheaper and easier to obtain can wreck minds and bodies. They destroy families and hurt society.

The government and the PNP – – including non-government organizations – – have been implementing an anti-drug abuse program. This includes information dissemination and education, law enforcement, economic development, rehabilitation and welfare programs involving training, preparation and organization, creating of speakers bureaus against drugs, holding of symposia in schools and barangays and organization of Citizens Drug Watch. But this lukewarm “on now, off most the time” action is not enough. There is a need of a massive – – intensive and extensive, sustained and continuing – – implementation of the anti-drug abuse program nationwide.

In other words, make the national sea too hot for the drug lords and suppliers, dealers and pushers to engage in illegal dug activities. Why not return the death penalty to drug trafficking?.

If only the Church and other so-called anti-death sentence advocates, see the gravity of this social problem.#