Educational Objectives

Education plays a vital role in our economy. Others even consider it as the real backbone of our survival.

That is why, it is enshrined in our Constitution that the greatest bulk of our national budget should be apportioned to Education.

The framers of the constitution know it very well: an enlightened citizenry keeps the wheels of progress moving.

The people living in a particular country mirror the place and of their lives. That those who gained a certain degree of education tend to be more productive than those who are not.

That is why every university or college offering Education as a course is adamant of the orientation they provide to their students.

Though it does not necessarily start during their college life, those pursuing this degree, or better, this vocation must be equipped with the skills, competencies, positive values among others.

The clients who are our children will reap in the end all these potentials and blessings, if we are assured that we have given the future teachers the essentials during their formation years.

Now, believing that teachers are molders of character, of minds and future of our children, our objectives in the program should not deviate from this noble intention.

If we try assessing the objectives of the two education courses in UNP Candon, they both shoulder the responsibility of providing them the most needed assets. Let’s take a look with their objectives.


Objectives of the BEED program

Apply managerial skills in the elementary school and in the community;

Accomplish research and extension activities in order to improve the teaching and learning process;

Practice desirable ideals, values and attitudes to enhance personal discipline;

Be models of good moral character;

Exercise critical thinking; and

Promote  aesthetic  and cultural values.


Objectives of the BSE program

Practice the managerial skills in the classroom giving emphasis on critical and analytical thinking;

Internalize positive attitude towards research;

Manifest desirable moral, spiritual, cultural values and personal discipline; and

Participate actively in the extension community projects and activities.

Banking again on the four-fold functions of our dear university, the objectives of both the BEEd and the BSE programs are well anchored. That they don’t only produce effective and efficient teachers, be it in the elementary or in the secondary but also someone who possesses the character of a diligent researcher, extensionist and a community resource.

It is said that they will manifest excellent instructional and managerial skills with special emphasis on critical and analytical thinking processes. Through this, the learners will become more sensitive to issues and become self-reliant individuals.

Aside from that, our products are expected to become radiating models of virtues which our university president keeps on articulating especially the values of honesty, humility and hardwork.

As we embark on a tracer study identifying how far our graduates had gone, we can’t resist recalling how many of our education students have followed the noble call of self-sacrifice. Hundreds of them have been accommodated in both public and private schools to continue touching the lives of the students.

This could be interpreted that our graduates possess the needed skills and ability as the civil service commission desires.

Hence, we could be somewhat proud today that our graduates are the real manifestations of the realization of the objectives of the two programs.#