Encourage your child to eat more fruit and vegetables

Colorful and crunchy fruit and vegetables are an important and enjoyable part of your child’s diet.

Both vegetables and fruit contain essential nutrients that are important for their health, growth and development. If you eat and enjoy fruit and vegetables together with your children every day they will usually follow your example.

If you follow healthy eating habits, your child may eventually follow your lead. Keep offering fruit and vegetables in a variety of ways, as children are more likely to eat what is familiar to them. Never assume your child dislikes a particular fruit or vegetable. The next time you offer it may be the day they decide to ry it. Children’s tastes do change with age.


The five steps to success include:

  • Involving your child in food preparation and planning
  • Enjoy fruit and vegetables
  • Presentation
  • Include fruit and vegetables wherever possible
  • Keep trying.