Engr. candidate raises Burgos issues

Engineer Cornelio “Nel” Carta, Jr.

BURGOS, Ilocos Sur — The heat is on in Burgos, Ilocos Sur.

Engineer Cornelio “Nel” Carta, Jr. of this town expressed his lamentations over the present state of Burgos which he said is still a 4th class municipality in spite of the millions it has received from RA 7171.

In an exclusive interview with the Ilocos Sur Integrated Press over the weekend, Carta said that Burgos is still wanting that change which the people badly need citing the town’s poverty incident “which has reached around 85%.”

He mentioned particularly the town’s farm-to-market roads (FMRs) especially in Barangay Bessang, Mapanit and Lubing that needed “proper concreting” and maintenance.

“These are some of the reasons why, in spite of the many potentials in our town, we are lagging behind in tourism. We need to properly pave the roads leading to these attractions in order to invite tourists and visitors. As an engineer, I also lament the present state of our public market which is still under construction since 2013. In my opinion, it is one of the costliest markets I have ever seen. Moreover, it looks to me more of a hotel,” he said.

Once elected, he said he will open the bidding of municipal projects to any qualified bidder. As a contractor-engineer, he said he never cornered any municipal project because he “belonged to the opposition.” He also said that one of his projects, if he is lucky enough to be elected, is coming out with a sports hub so that its town athletes will not be going to train in other towns with sports hubs.

“As an engineer by profession, I will be getting consultations for quality assurance of all municipal projects. We also need a master plan in Burgos to direct our goals,” he said.

Asked about his performance as a public official prior to filing his candidacy for mayor, he said he was able to come out with a barangay ordinance regulating the culture of gambling in Barangay Dayanki and the usual barangay projects which were accommodated by the barangay IRA amounting to P1.3 million where only 20% or around P200,000 is allocated as development funds which is “very little.”

Carta, who lost to incumbent Mayor Reolita Balbalan in the last elections is a former DepEd division engineer in Pangasinan and Abra and a barangay captain for 5 years. A member of religious family, Carta is also brother to Fr. Clarence Carta who is assigned in Abra. He will be running anew for the mayoralty position this May 13 under PDP-Laban and will be pitted against former mayor and incumbent Vice Mayor Nathaniel “Boy” Escobar. Carta is paired with his vice mayoralty tandem Eduvigis Foronda, a former LGU employee while Escobar’s vice mayor is incumbent Mayor Balbalan.

The Ilocos Sur Integrated Press is still trying to contact Mayor Balbalan to air her side on the issues raised by Carta.