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Hi-tech Kit Kat

In My Eyes: By Edward B. Antonio

It’s January, fellas.

Welcome 2015!

Welcome new cellphone!

The hardships I encountered with 2014 along with all those bad breaks kept me praying that may 2015 come soon. The wait was long, fellas, but finally, it’s here.

And before 2014 ended, I threw away my Symbian-powered cellphone with its antiquated features trying to imitate the features of an android phone. It’s one of those N-series, fellas, from a giant cellphone company which crashed out of the market when androids flooded the cellphone stalls.

And so, before 2014 ended, I gifted myself with a 5- inch qHD Android Kit Kat (4.4.2) cellphone running at 1.3 ghz quadcore and using a Media Tek processor. It has an 8gb internal memory expandable to 64GB, 13 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Once I downloaded Mobo Market, I quickly installed a battery-saving application and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary which I usually use. Its multi-tasking capability is amazingly very fast, fellas.

Nice gift for myself, I mused, as nobody among my housemates could afford to gift me one like this.

And why not?

A hi-tech phone for a high-tech world for a not-so-hi-tech individual like me could, just as well, help me move one step closer to this hi-tech generation. Coping up with the young nowadays is a great task in as much as the young coping up with the old is greater for them.

But getting hi-tech is a different story, fellas.

But one of the greatest problems of Android phone owners is the battery life. Experts say that the faster the processor, the bigger the LCD screen and the more applications running (like games), drain the battery very fast.

I doubt that an android phone can last a day after it’s fully-charged when a CP owner is fond of playing games and using its wifi to access the internet. The usual battery life is 1 to less than 1 day. On the contrary, the Android Operating System is packed with awesome features and as the technology evolves, more features are curated into the build.

It seems like that as the features in Android OS go on increasing, the battery life of smart phones goes on decreasing. The instance when our Smartphone battery is fully charged is joyful; but as we start using it, the battery flows out like a waterfall.

Are you the only one who is facing battery drainage problem on your Android smartphone? Definitely, Not! No matter, if you own a top-notch Android Smartphone or a mid-range one, the battery life issue is one of the surprised features comes with it. Though, the developers are working hard to get the battery life on track like earlier phones.

Sohil Memon of share the following all-important tips to extend your android’s battery life. There are 7 of them, fellas:

1. Disable Google Now’s Auto-Voice Detection

Yeah! Google Now is now supported on Android 4.4 KitKat flawlessly. You can activate it just by saying “OK, Google”, which gives an awesome experience of using smart phones without hands.

2. Use Battery Saver Apps

Clear your misconception that “Battery Saver Apps” makes your battery dry; actually, it saves your battery by closing background running apps and by suggesting necessary changes. To check it out, install any of the Battery Saver App in your device for one day and one day without it. By yourselves only, you can verify the battery status, who ranks better?

Here is the list of the 5 Best Android Battery Saver Apps that will really help you to extend battery life:

1. Battery Saver – Battery Widge

2. NQ Easy Battery Saver

3. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

4. GO Battery Saver &Power Widget

5. DU Battery Saver & Widgets

3. Go for normal wallpapers, rather than putting live wallpapers.

4. Disable haptic feedback.

5. Put only needed widgets on homepage which don’t require mobile data connection, especially stay away from weather widgets.

6. Disable touch tones, touch vibrations and any touch or light-related features.

7. Disable your wifi, blue tooth and other applications when not in use.

But I would add the following, fellas:

1. Don’t spend your time toying with your android smart phone during your idle time. Do something more worthwhile, instead.

2. Lessen the number of seconds for it to sleep.

3. Restart your phone once it’s fully charged to allow applications to settle down.

4. Clean online trash using your CCleaner application and once in a while, boost its acceleration, delete trash files and optimize your speed using any of those battery-saving applications.

5. Create shortcut icons for frequently used features such as shortcut to new message, call, camera or sound recorder. The 2 latter apps are frequently used by media people in interviewing personalities.

6. Don’t place your cell phone in a warm place. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight.

7. In texting, avail of its predictive text input using the T9 or T12 dictionaries for faster text composition. Create your own dictionary list in words to put them to predictive input.

8. Once in a while, defragment your memory card and check its disk for errors and

9. When buying an android smart phone, examine its battery MAh. Choose one with 2000 MAh and above. The higher the MAh, the longer its battery life.

Gifting myself with a hi-tech cell phone lets me feel I’m not far behind in the world of hi-technology, fellas. As we grow older, our scientific thinking should be able to cope up with the modernity of the times.

And why not?

Whether we like it or don’t, we are going there, and there should we go also as long as we live. Now I’m looking forward to gifting my hi-tech cell phone to my wife or son once the smart phone with lollipop OS, 5.0 and up version and equipped with octacore processor once it hit the market.

I have even heard that a cellphone with 16-core processor is now being developed!

Alahooy! It’s really a hi-tech world!#