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IN MY EYES: Laptop wife

Edward B. Antonio

Johnny says his best friend is his motorcycle. It’s his daily companion whenever he goes to work.

She is my second wife,” he says.

Everyday, he buffs it with a soft cloth after applying a polisher. He always parks it under a shady area. He doesn’t like it to be exposed to too much rain or sunshine.

It might fade,” he says.

Well said, Johnny, as long as you don’t ride her to find another wife.

Mang Maing, on the other hand, says his best friend is not his motorcycle. It’s his laptop which he bought three years ago. It’s a Core i5 intel-powered laptop which he uses to encode, print and store important files, including “secret files.”

Lately, he learned that one of his DepEd principal friends, who were one of the earlier PC users in his circle of friends, is now suffering from leukemia. We speculate he got it from too much radiation exposure from the early box-type PC monitors in the late 90s onward until the LED monitors were introduced. He is a computer genius and has required, since then, all his teachers to level up their teaching skills using the computer.

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and cellphones emit radiation, fellas.

Bill Farr, a wellness coach, best-selling author and an instructor in various forms of meditation has many unkind words against tablets and computers.

Laptop radiation cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it can pose real dangers to our health. This exposure danger is not new. Many other electronic devices and appliances such as desktop computers, televisions and microwave ovens all emit similar radiation, but there are certain aspects that make radiation from laptops unique. Laptops have internal parts that heat up and radiate. Older laptops emit the highest levels of heat radiation. Laptops generate Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from storage and computing processing. When laptops use Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless cellular connections, they emit higher frequency Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. All three of these sources are very close to your genitals, skin and muscles. Your exposure to these dangerous radiations may create bodily reactions such as skin rashes and muscle soreness. In some cases, infertility can occur.

Tablets, cellphones and computers emit EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation that can affect the cells and the DNA among others.

He explains there is evidence of significant harm caused by EMF from computers and cell phones. Some of the damage has proven to cause harm to blood cells, damage to DNA, cause nerve-cell damage, possibly accelerate and contribute to onset of autism and trigger Alzheimer’s disease, damage your eyes, cause sleep disruptions, fatigue and headaches, contribute to salivary gland tumors, cause decreased bone density in the pelvic region, lead to electromagnetic hypersensitivity and affect your heart rate and blood pressure.

Further there is danger of decreased sperm count, irritability, fatigue, depression, cancer, tumors and other issues.

Ah, the list is long, fellas.

He advises the following so as to minimize or eradicate these risks: don’t put them in your lap, try to use with a battery, not when plugged in, hardwire all your connections to the internet via cable modem, not wireless WIFI connection and attach a keyboard and a mouse to your laptop if possible.

Computers, indeed, are not as harmless as they might seem. All computers emit radiation or EMFs on many different frequencies.

Want to know how to prevent computer EMR from affecting you? Turn your cellphone off at night or turn it on only when you need it. Turn your computer on only when you use it. Take small breaks in between so you are not exposed to the same device for hours. The longer you are exposed to radiation, the greater the effect it has on you.

Another way is to increase the distance between the electronic device and yourself. For instance, place your laptop farther way from yourself on a desk, rather than placing it in your lap. If your computer equipment is ungrounded, which is often the case with laptops, placing your hands on the keyboard can engender high electric field exposures. This alone can cause a myriad of symptoms such as extreme fatigue, agitation and numbness, tingling, weakness, and other problems in your hand or wrist – not unlike carpal tunnel syndrome.The good news is that electric fields can be dealt with fairly easily by grounding your computer equipment – you can expect an immediate reduction in fatigue and a gradual reduction in these other symptoms simply by grounding.

And get an anti-radiation shield. I had my laptop covered with anti-radiation shield, fellas.

On top of these, I also ordered anti-radiation eyeglasses which I use when using my laptop or desktop. How I wish these had been discovered and sold in the market long time ago.

Unlike Johnny, I consider my motorcycle and my laptop my second wives. I think I cannot live a normal life if one of them is missing.

Mang Maing couldn’t help but agree.

But he says he has a 3rd and 4th wife.

I asked him who they are.

He said his 3rd wife is his DSLR camera which he always brings with him for business and pleasure.

And the 4th one?

Tagtagari,” he whispers. “Her name is Jessa, a pretty girl there at Jay-jay.”

And who is Jessa?

That’s my next column, fellas.#