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In My Eyes: How to look young at age 40 or 50

By Edward B. Antonio

You suddenly found yourself fixing your cabinet of all the mess.

Suddenly, you came across an old album full of photographs.

It was the album you thought had been lost long ago.

You took a picture when you were 3, 10 and 16. You compared them to your face through the mirror.

Ah, how you wish you want to become young again.

But you are already 40 or 50!

But you can’t turn back time anymore, fellas.

Very soon, you will be 60, 70, 80…

And by the time you are 80 (if you are lucky enough to reach that age), you are already a foot away from the grave.

But why think of 80 if you are only 40 or 50?

If you are a female, here are some tips as suggested by an online contributor:

1. Get your teeth whitened. Since teeth darken as you age, yellow teeth are a good indication of your age. By the time you reach 40, the effects of coffee and maybe smoking are clearly visible on your teeth.

2. Control your weight. Metabolism slows down as you age, especially after the age of 30. If you don’t up your exercise intensity, you might end up gaining a couple of pounds a year. By the time you reach 40, that could mean a weight gain of 10 or more pounds.

3. Dress young but don’t overdo it. Avoid see-through tops, too-short skirts and flashy fabrics. When wearing this type of clothing you may send the message that you’re trying too hard and can actually show your age. On the other hand, avoid “mom” jeans and baggy clothes that will give the impression you have something to hide.

4. Get a good bra. Because breasts sag as you age (and especially if you’ve had children), wearing the right bra will instantly take years off of your appearance.

5. Choose a hair color that fits your skin tone and maintain it. By the time you reach 40, chances are you have a good amount of gray to cover. If you dye your hair a dark tone, you will need to make more frequent visits to the hair salon to cover your roots. Lighter colors, or hair that is highlighted, will hide gray better but might be more expensive to upkeep.

6. Treat aging skin. Deeper lines start appearing in your late-thirties. By 40, you may have to deal not only with more prominent wrinkles, but also with skin discoloration and dryer skin. This is the time to talk to your doctor about prescription creams such as Retin-A, which can get rid of dark spots, lines and rough skin. Always wear sunscreen to prevent further damage.

7. Switch to lighter makeup. Heavy foundation and powder can sink into wrinkles and lines, making you look older than you are.

8. Shun the sun. Repeated sun exposure eventually leads to brown spots, fine wrinkles, deeper creases, and sagging skin. If you need proof, just look at the skin on the underside of your arm where the rays are less likely to reach.

9. Smooth lines with retinoids. “These vitamin A derivatives have a better-established track record than any other wrinkle-reduction creams,” says Dr. Glogau. Even the milder, nonprescription-strength retinol may reduce the effects of chronological aging.

10. Load up on antioxidants. Antioxidants act as scavengers that neutralize free radicals — the particles that, in skin, cause sun damage and wrinkles, and can lead to skin cancer. They can also help protect against damage from environmental assaults like pollution and smoking. Look for vitamins C and E, pomegranate, soy, green tea, niacinamide, and coenzyme Q10 in the top half of a product’s ingredient list to get the most benefits from these often-pricey potions.

11. Sleep well. Lack of sleep definitely saps your glow, instantly aging you. But it also affects your skin in stealth ways: Fatigue causes the stress hormone cortisol to rise sharply. “If cortisol is chronically high, it can age you by breaking down collagen in skin,” says Amy Wechsler, M.D.

12. Add moisture. By menopause, the majority of women need a daily moisturizer. In fact, most skin care that promises to improve the look of wrinkles in just a few weeks is probably doing it by moisturizing.

Getting old is inevitable.

So why not try the 12 tips presented above, fellas.

Then, add spice to your life by smiling more often, walking or swimming more often, sharing more often and praying more often. Live a stress-free life. Help others and feel the happiness of giving. Get a pet. Inhale fresh air near the sea or near the woods. Socialize with friends.

Do these things and then go back to your cabinet to see those old pictures.

And you will find out there is very little difference!#