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IN MY EYES: ‘Love Comes From The Most Unexpected Places’

Edward B. Antonio

People fall in love with the song and not with the singer, they say.

I want to believe in this quote.

I usually fall in love with a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics sung with a beautiful voice.

I sing when there are opportunities, fellas.

I sing while driving. I sing while walking. I sing while I am taking a bath.

And I sing the songs of the heart.

When we have a get-together spree, we sing, but more often, I cannot find the songs I like to sing in the videoke song book. Maybe they are too old that they are no longer included.

One evening, while trying to record songs for my cell phone, I came across some of the best classic love songs in the YouTube. Some of those that caught my attention were the classic songs that reminded me of many things — former friends, former enemies, former teachers and former girl interests.

I came across Elton John, Perry Como, Matt Monro, Bread, The Eagles and John Denver.

And Jose Feliciano.

I have been rummaging through the videoke song books during those get-togethers, but I could not find the song which was a hit song, as it was memorable, when I was young: “Love Comes from the Most Unexpected Places,” sung by the blind singer, Jose Feliciano. I wonder where Feliciano is now, but anyway, thank you for the love song.

I clicked the song icon and suddenly, the song lyrics filled the room and the heart melted:

Love comes from the most unexpected places

In someone’s eyes you’ve never met

Who wants to get to know you

In someone’s smile you can’t forget

And if the music plays on in your mind

Take all the love that you can find

And if love takes you in

Take all the love that you can find

And hope it comes again..

I suddenly remembered those little barrio trips aboard a bicycle with a best friend when I thought love had sprung eternal in the breast of a young man who was suddenly dumbstruck with a seacoast beauty, only to find out she liked somebody else!

And then, one stormy afternoon, I suddenly found myself sharing an umbrella with a Norte girl I didn’t know only to find out later in college that she was pretty, smart and well-bred. She was aloof as she was aggressive sometimes but couldn’t break her daily routine and she found little time for love. I thought she would settle down at 27 or 28 as she often said only to tie the knot with a widower at 22. Aha, did love really come from those unexpected places that she found it earlier than her scheduled date with destiny? It broke my heart, fellas, at least that how I remember it.

Then, another one came, this time, an unexpected classmate who would allow her hands to be caressed while the professor lectured of things we didn’t understand. She was ready but I wasn’t and she cried a bucket of tears.

A Chinese-mestiza who came from the heart of the city came next while riding on a tricycle to the public market. She was amiable as she was pretty with her long, curly tresses. But I could not wait for those days and weeks and I was gone before she realized it was all out of impatience. There were some others who toed the line, some worth remembering, others are not.

Then there was brown-skinned but pretty, brunette-type Professor Cecilia who became the apple of our eyes only to get disappointed when she tied the knot with a short man and with a pimpled face. She said she met him in an executive meeting. He was rich, she said, and loving, too. But we never understood her.

But the most touching love story of all belonged to Madam Rosales, a former music professor. Her “Via Con Dios” song always drew tears from her eyes. Slowly, we learned of her love story. She once had a lover who was decided to marry her after college graduation. Her parents were strict and she feared them more than she feared losing the guy she loved very much. The guy married another and the heavens wept with her misfortune.

One day, while attending her class, she taught how to sing, “Via Con Dios” with feelings. In the middle of the practice, when we were about to perfect the tune, she suddenly burst into tears and ran out of the room.

She returned before dismissal time and asked for apology. Then, in a nutshell, she narrated her love story.

She remained single to her grave.

While reminiscing the years with a lump in the throat, the room was once more flooded with the song, this time from a rendition by Barbra Streisand:

Love comes from the most unexpected places

A love song on the radio

You’ll never hear enough of

In bars that thrive in loneliness

Where people sell their sorrow for your time

They take the love that they can find

And if love takes them in

They take the love that they can find

And hope it comes again.#